Week 7: Using continuum_mechanics with units

This week I mainly focused on finding and solving a bug due to which continuum_mechanics gave ValueError on using units with the quantities passed. Initially, I created #14856, which included a workaround in the Beam class itself to handle that error. But Arihant suggested opening a separate PR as the error was occurring due to a bug in the separate module.

So, #14865 was created. is_commutative attribute was added in the Prefix class  (setting Prefix.is_commutative to True removed PolynomialError). While doing changes in the PR, another bug appeared:

>>> from sympy.physics.units import meter, newton, kilo
>>> from sympy.physics.units.util import quantity_simplify
>>> quantity_simplify(x*(8*newton + y))
x*(8*newton + y, 1)

This bug was solved with few changes. After #14865 gets merged, continuum_mechanics should work with quantities involving units.

Next Week

  • Make sure #14865 gets merged.
  • Open a Pull Request and start working on 3dbeam class.

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